If you don't like the answers then perhaps you should not ask the questions.


What we do

We work on a confidential and discreet basis.   We are a management consultancy to be sure; we consult, facilitate, investigate and workshop.   The questions are key:

  • "We know we should do something but we are not entirely sure what.  Can you help?"
  • "We think we know what we want to achieve.   However we cannot agree the best way forward.  Can you help?"


what we do not do

We are primarily interested in outcomes and decision making.   We will shape for success and help you get setup.   However, we will not seek to install a large team on site nor will we want to become a permanent fixture.     Our value is in our independence of thought and a fresh perspective.    

Matrix Group Partners provide independent
consulting services. We deploy small teams of highly experienced consultants to work with your leadership to achieve tangible results.
— Your success is our business.

What We've Achieved

  • Under the covers separation of a Financial Services company to facilitate an ordered breakup.
  • Pharmaceutical Company supply chain strategy re-imagined.   Cost savings were a bonus.
  • Healthcare Trust had a hard message to communicate - with feeling.
  • National Defence Force considered how to honour it's culture yet change the operating model.
  • Digital transformation; the wreckage of a previous attempt to go "Digital" needed to be unpicked carefully. 
  • The Ministry was answering the wrong question.  
  • 'Minimum viable product' when setting up a new legal entity - against a seemingly impossible deadline.
  • International Legal Firm discovered the benefits of non-linear, yet strategic, thinking.  [With thanks to Edward de Bono].