Here's just a small sampling of the clients we've helped - and you would never have known that we were there.


Monument Valley, Utah

A National Defence organisation wanted to change it's operating model (yes indeed).   Big name consultancies had been in to help; lot's of time and energy spent.    All well and good; the question remained however, "how do we do this without damaging the culture and the ethos built up over time and paid for in blood?".    This was not about money - it was about service.



Denali National Park

This one has nothing to do with the picture [not directly anyway].   A Pharmaceutical firm was on the point of re-organising the supply chain for "technical reasons" (read IT).   Really this was the wrong focus.  That was the conclusion that the leadership team came to as the result of some really interesting and entertaining workshops.   Their work; we just "orchestrated".



This One Tree Somewhere

International Law Firms are very exciting to work with; just like on TV right?   Well sort of; however just because you are so successful it can be difficult to think laterally [read out of the box].   Sometimes that is necessary to avoid reaching the same conclusion as last time.    We were very happy to help get out of the comfort zone and into "open mode".